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Svenskt Näringsliv.


I was accepted to Svenskt Näringslivs 24 hour workshop. There were over a hundred applicants but only 27 that got accepted to this challenge/workshop.

The workshop took place at Näringslivets Hus in Stockholm. We arrived and got the brief at noon and an inspirational seminar afterwards. I applied as Art Director and the group were put together with copy and strategists to a creative team of four. We got a conference room and all the things we needed to get started with the challenge that were:

To make one to three different ads for Facebook that will make people see and respond (like, comment, share) to the page Gilla #Företagsamhet.

We got some pointers on how to get ads viral with comic gifs and memes but we wanted to do something else. We used the graphic profile with som minor changes because we wanted the sender to be obvious. But also work with a positive but yet serious message that an entrepreneur could be both small and big businesses. And also to engage people to think about their dreams and that anything is possible.

In the long run Svenskt Näringsliv, LRF and Företagarna who own Gilla Företagsamhet want  politicians to make the changes so that it would be easier to start new businesses in the future and to see the importans with people that do so. We had until noon the day after to find a way and see through it.

At six the following day we had the pitch for the grande jury. We went up the stage and did our presentation and got stunning results by the response on Facebook and of the grande jury that really liked our idea and also got us some ideas for developing. After all that hard work we were so happy and excited of the result and respond we’ve got. It was also very full-filling to get to know three other eager and thriving women what made our group so great.

Art Director: Emmeli Ahlander
Copywriter: Ronja Nyman
Strateg: Elin Castlin
Strateg: Ida Ström

The Facebook context for the movie:
Vad vill du se i framtiden? Kommentera och dela med dina vänner!



Here is the result of the other two ads we made, with the Facebook context:
”Politiker skapar inte jobb. Det gör företagare. Dela om du håller med.”

Gilla Företagsamhet

The Facebook context of the ad below:
#företagsamhet får Sverige att rulla. Tagga en vän som driver dig framåt!